The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

About OPUS

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS) was founded in 1992.

Our mission is to educate and open doors for well qualified students from a limited number of participating US colleges and universities through a relatively short, intensive period of study under the  guidance of Oxford tutors to the same standard and in the same manner as matriculated Oxford undergraduates, while providing a high level of support and pastoral care.

By providing a dedicated office in Oxford dealing solely with study abroad students, we believe we provide a more supportive and responsive environment than students might receive by applying to Oxford colleges directly, or through programmes which do not have an office or a local presence in Oxford.

The American universities with which we work recommend well-qualified students on the basis of the academic requirements indicated below and subject to final acceptance in Oxford; bill students according to their own fee structure; and issue credits on the basis of tutorial assessments transferred from Oxford.

Procedures, minimum application information, and administrative structures are implemented by OPUS taking into account the individual requirements of each participating institution.

For 20 years OPUS has looked after over 2000 students from the United States, mainly undergraduates, a few graduates and even the occasional professor on sabbatical, seeking to study in Oxford under the tutorial system.   Every participant has benefited but for some it has been a dramatic life changing experience with careers shaped and a completely different outlook on life.

In order to ensure that students are not concentrated at a single location, OPUS works with a number of colleges in Oxford. The colleges with which OPUS is associated are:

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