The Oxford Overseas Study Course (OOSC) which ran for over 40 years in Oxford was merged with OPUS with effect from 1 September 2013.

OPUS now assumes responsibility for students participating with all former OOSC affiliated US universities, while retaining the structure of the former OOSC program.

The two programmes OPUS and OOSC are virtually identical with a few differences.

If you are participating on the OOSC programme:

  • You will not be a member of an Oxford college or matriculated at Oxford University.
  • You will participate in the traditional tutorial method of teaching.
  • You will be housed in single room accommodation for the duration of the Programme. If you attend the Hilary and Trinity Terms (January to June) you will be entitled to housing without further cost of the intervening vacation period (one month break).
  • There will be a program of 3-4 day trips or special events each term at no additional charge.
  • You will be enrolled as a member of the Oxford Union Society without further charge.
  • You will be given a meal stipend from OPUS of £50 per week for 8-10 weeks depending on your term of participation.  Not available to OPUS students.
  • You will have access to library privileges which will vary slightly from those available to OPUS students.