The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

Program Quality

The Oxford Programme prides itself on meticulous planning, comprehensive procedures, and an unparalleled level of pastoral care which continues long after a student’s departure from Oxford.

We have an impeccable reputation with the University and it is no coincidence that every Oxford college which we have ever been associated with in the past we continue to maintain excellent relations with today. This is the acid test of a programme’s reputation and certainly one worth bearing in mind when making comparisons. Long term relationships, a clear-cut honest approach, and a constant striving for excellence remain our watchwords.

US Commission Report

The Oxford Programme is the only program in Oxford to be independently evaluated by the US Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association on Colleges and Schools. In their most recent review the Commission concluded that the Programme is:

…. in a word, excellent. It is carefully and soundly conceived and, under the present administration, brilliantly directed at the Oxford end.

In many ways, the best window to a program’s true value is reflected in the objective assessment of its participants continuously over a substantial period of time. The experience of almost each of the 1800 participants over the past 19 years, since the Program began, has ranged from highly satisfied to delighted. Each term of every academic year we are touched and inspired by the kind words expressed and lists of all past participants are available.

Another possibly MORE effective way to discover what a program is really like, beyond any complicated packaging, is to ask your Study Abroad Adviser. He or she will know or be able to request personal feedback from the entire community of study abroad advisers at SECUSSA, of which your Study Abroad Adviser will be a member. It is always best to rely on independent, impartial recommendation from a range of sources rather than accept a Program, any Program, at face value.

Most study abroad advisers at colleges and universities across the US have served for several years and will possess an invaluable source of accumulated experience and objective feedback on a range of programs from a large number of returning students each year.