OPUS Staff


Mr. Deepak Mukhi, MA (Cantab) – Programme Director

Deepak has been with OPUS since its creation in 1992.  Despite going to the other place for his first degree he choose to live and work in Oxford after he graduated. He is a devoted Programme Director and has been know to don armour while on OPUS trips.



Carol Walford – Office Administrator

Carol joined the OPUS family in 2000 and is a vital member of our operation. She is known for her excellent sandwiches and her warm smile.



Dr. Henry Mead – Academic Advisor


Henry, a Tutor in English at Worcester College, Oxford, is an endorser of active learning and thoroughly enjoys taking his students on field trips to locations that are relevant to the course; a recent example being a visit to the Museum of Natural History where On the Origin of Species was debated by Huxley for his course on Charles Darwin and Victorian Literature.