Graduate Application

Created specially for graduate students, the Graduate Programme focuses specifically on graduate students, their varying requirements and their particular status in Oxford.

Graduate students may apply to study a number of “mainstream” Oxford disciplines including English, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, and International Relations. Graduate applicants are required to have completed their degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and to be registered on a recognized graduate program in the US. The first requirement is essential, the latter requirement may be relaxed in the exceptional cases and mature graduate applicants of particular distinction have participated in the past, including university faculty who have availed of the opportunity to study and research in Oxford on very specific areas.

Graduate students are members of an Oxford college, hence entitled to dine in College and participate in the full range of social and athletic activities within their College.

Graduate students are accorded a higher status in Oxford than undergraduates. Depending on their subject area most graduate students are assigned to more senior tutors. Graduate students have access to more faculty libraries than undergraduate associate students, often with fewer or no restrictions, and on account of their status they are entitled to unrestricted access to the Bodleian, Oxford’s main research library.

Graduate students are housed in high quality single room program housing within a 15-20 minute walk from the city centre, with other graduates as far as possible. Graduate applicants seeking a particular type of housing or wishing to come to Oxford with their family should notify us in advance to explore what special arrangements can be made.