The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

Programme Costs

By having an efficient organizational set-up and reduced overheads through working closely with the Oxford colleges, OPUS is able to apply resources carefully and effectively. Costs are charged to participating institutions which then bill their own students. OPUS never bills students: their home university does. This is a fundamental difference with other programs.

If your home college is linked with OPUS your Study Abroad office will confirm the costs of participation which will almost certainly be lower than participating through a stand-alone third party program which is not affiliated with a US university. For example during 2016/17 one of the larger programs in Oxford charged a staggering 37% more than we did!

It is important to be clear about costs. Many students make the mistake of believing that paying more automatically gets them a better program. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is wise to do a detailed comparison of costs and assess how much extra you are really getting; who you will be actually paying; and what is the advice of independent study abroad advisers.

Through its connections with US universities, participation with OPUS is actually lower cost than most stand-alone programs which may have little more to offer – and in some cases less. With OPUS you are guaranteed a high quality, solid organization which is well regarded by the international academic community, and an over-all study abroad experience which is second to none. The fact that it costs so much less is simply a bonus.

Up to 14 credits may be earned in any given Oxford term hence students could earn the equivalent of 28 credits during the Hilary & Trinity Terms (January to June), almost the same number as during a full US academic year.

Please identify if your home college or university is linked with OPUS. If your home university is not at present associated with us, you may still be eligible to apply through other affiliated universities.

Institutions of post-secondary education, whether private or public, interested in arranging a program in Oxford through the auspices of OPUS should contact us.