The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies



IN THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE OPUS delivers where it matters, in each of the key areas of Academics, Social Integration, Housing, and Pastoral Care.

But every now and then we try to introduce other value added benefits as a bonus.   These are not necessarily part of the programme but rather of the overall experience of participation.

A recent new development is our connection with the luxury resort of Pine Cliffs in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.  Through a special arrangement, all OPUS students may apply for a week’s holiday at the award winning resort.

Every term a group of 4-6  students is selected to stay at the resort with all accommodation and complimentary amenities provided entirely free of charge for up to seven nights durting their travel break.  Meals and travel are not included.  A flight to Faro on Ryan Air or Easy Jet can be available for as little as £40-£50 depending on the dates selected.  The luxury apartments provided are self catered and Portugal is famous for its rich history, culture, beaches, sunshine, and outstanding cuisine and wines at rock bottom prices.

There is no catch.  Students who are selected will write a blog, put together a promotional video, or assist the program in some way, and get an extraordinary free holiday in the bargain.

Over 70 OPUS students have availed of this opportunity in recent terms.   Herewith some of their highlights.